Wednesday, May 25, 2005

16th Blog

Who knew the guilt one would feel starting a blog and then not adding to it? Are there therapy sessions for this? It's just too much pressure to come up with something witty and interesting all the time.

Luckily I've googled some ways to manage blog guilt. And since I've already got this far I've already completed #5. Now I feel guiltier. Oh well.

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Potty Rights?

Is this a joke? This kind of behaviour by teachers is not 'commonplace' and using the bathroom is not seen as a privilege by any caring and sensitive adult. Any parent who finds out that this is happening should not have to create a petition but should be able to take their complaint to the authorities just like any other abuse or problem.

Sunday, May 01, 2005

STV-get in the know and vote

The Liberal government of BC has given its citizens an unprecedented opportunity to make a decision about electoral reform. We need to take advantage of this opportunity by learning all we can about STV-BC and making an INFORMED decision on May 17. The counter arguments I've been hearing about lately are based more on disinformation or ignorance (by which I mean people who haven't taken the time to find out).

There are lots of web sites on STV but here's an interesting way of describing the actual process by using a situation of selecting a committee at a boys' school.

STV is not perfect. Implementing it will not be easy. Predicting how government will operate under the system is impossible. But keeping a bad system in place just because we've always had it is not logical. Status-quo is just too easy and I think it's an uphill battle for change.

Please note that despite the announcement from Elections BC this commentary in no way constitutes advertising. It is personal opinion only (duh-its a blog!).

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