Saturday, July 29, 2006

Tooting my Flute

Here's a small sampling from my "flute player" collection. I have about 30 all together. The one on the left is my most recent one purchased in Quebec City and the little insect (?) on the right was one of my first about 20 years ago. I have bears, angels, soldiers, Donald Duck, Porky Pig, cats and metal sculptures. They are kind of difficult to find and I really only like the ones where the flute is played on the correct side. Occasionally I'll see one that has the flute on the opposite side to those above.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006


I know I should be posting some fabulous shots from our trip but I just wanted to show Mike what my green pepper plant was up to while I was away!

The basil (barely visible, just behind to the right) suffered severe dehydration, however. Not sure if there's much hope.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Bonjour mes amis!

Nous sommes dans Quebec et nous avons beacoup de fun! It's sort of like that trying to converse but somehow we manage to get our point across. The shop keepers practice their English and we practice our French. We ended up with a much bigger condo than anticipated after Marj found out that the original one had mysteriously been cancelled the day before we arrived. We now have 2 bedrooms and a full kitchen. We picked up Mike from New Brunswick yesterday and today toured Ile d'Orleans. We've also enjoyed the amazing waterfalls in the area, the fromageries and the boutiques. On the Ile we bought a large basket of luscious strawberries from a roadside vendor for $7. Way too cheap! Mike doesn't understand how they can make a living at that price. Okay they're probably heavily subsidized like all other conventional farmers in Canada (quote from Mike).

We'll head into old Quebec city again tomorrow and perhaps explore some more small towns and villages. Today we drove on the oldest road in Canada and had lunch at the oldest golf course in North America. Take that BC.

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