Friday, December 21, 2012

2012 - Top 5 List

Lists at this time of year are ubiquitous - I've just recently seen the top funniest viral videos, top news stories, top Canadian weather stories, and on and on.  So I thought I'd make my list of events from 2012. Unfortunately it's impossible to rank them.

Top daily life changing event - Retirement June 30, 2012 - not exactly life changing but definitely changes my daily routine.  YES to sleeping in!

Top festive occasion - Scott and Sam's 2nd wedding - March 17, 2012.  Although the first one was lots of fun too.

Top amazing adventure - Kruger Park - January 2012.  Fulfilling a life long dream of going on safari.

Top 'unreal' experience - Sabie, January 5, 2012.  Meeting Martina Makua, my letter writing partner from the Grannies a Gogo group.

Top personal realization - Biking, summer.  I remembered how much I enjoy biking.  I'll continue to do more next year.

Top educational activity - France Oct/Nov 2012.  Learning about a culture that seems similar but is very different. (Whoops, that's #6)

Now that I think of it the whole year was great.  I can only hope that 2013 brings as many interesting, wonderful, amazing and incredible experiences my way. And yours too. Enjoy every day.

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