Sunday, April 24, 2005

Powerpoint Burnout

Just spent 2 days in Richmond at the BCEd Online Conference. Six sessions, 3 keynotes = 9 powerpoints and only one technical glitch among them.

Reasons to use powerpoint:
1. it gives people something to look at when your presentation gets boring
2. when you forget what you were going to say you can just read from the screen
3. instead of having to 'deliver' a joke (a presentation requirement) you can just put up a funny cartoon and not have to worry about 'timing'
4. you can add video clips that have nothing to do with your presentation but are very entertaining and take up time (fraud or real musician? my conclusion? The music doesn't match the balls-particularly on the repeated tones)
5. you can spend hours of work time creating it and adding flying text and colourful backgrounds and whooshing sounds and actually get paid for it


Anonymous said...

That man is a gifted juggler, but I think the tones are pre-programmed into the machine - it doesn't matter where he bounces them. Signed, Captain 'spoil the mystery'.

Unknown said...
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