Monday, August 01, 2005

28th Annual

The Hartfield is over for another year. The empty cans and wine bottles have been cleaned up, the sewer pipe replaced and the ramps put away. It's time to dry out, shun tiramisu and launder the sheets. With temperatures in the mid 30s the new a/c was a big hit. And Ross claims victory (though it is unverified) with a score of 2, close on the heels of a win last year (also with 2) by the author.

Marj argues her 'one bounce through the hole' shot with course designer Vincent, to no avail. "If it went through the hole, it had to go through the air. Where do the rules say it has to be on the fly?"

Ross graciously accepts the coveted trophy from participant Gerry. In his acceptance speech he thanked his wife for all her encouragement. His name will be engraved along with all the prestigious winners of the past. The ladies trophy was thankfully not presented.

A feature of this year's event was the specialty breakfasts, including the birdie, par and here, part of the bogey breakfast, Martin samples the traditional cinnamon buns. Little did we know he thought (or imagined) they were all for him.

See you all next year.

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