Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Heading into Yellowstone tomorrow so we're thinking there won't be any internet or cell access in the wilderness. We pulled out of Waterton bright and early at 10:30am and drove south to Great Falls, Montana. Montana has the best of scenery and the worst of scenery. The magnificent Rockies and the dreadful (and boring) plains.

Strangely enough, when we crossed the border into Montana the only contraband that was confiscated were our 2 citrus fruits, one lime and one lemon. Really put a cramp into the gin and tonic situation. However, the customs official was very apologetic about taking our fruit.

Golfed yesterday at Waterton - a good course considering it's in a National Park. Took $3 off Ross but that's only because I felt sorry for him and gave him a chance on the last two holes. We drove up to Cameron Lake and balanced the camera on some rocks for a photo. Lots of wildlife but mostly deer and elk, oh, and a few bison in the paddock. Haven't seen any bears or mountain goats yet. The deer aren't shy.

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