Sunday, September 18, 2005

Practice, practice, practice

. . .in answer to the question in the title of the last post. Or know a world famous conductor who happens to live in Vernon and is taking a group there to perform some of his pieces. Imant Raminsh is having 2 of his pieces performed in New York and was asked to bring a choir with him. He then invited singers from other choirs to come as well and I just sort of tagged along with that group. Can you believe it - me singing at Carnegie Hall - not in my wildest dreams! At least you can say you knew me before I became famous.


Anonymous said...

So what day are you performing? I didn't see your name on the calendar. That's going to be quite the experience. May I come along too...and by the way, since he's so famous, is he paying your way?

lynnfield said...

Unfortunately I get to pay my own way. But it's about the experience not the cost, right?

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