Saturday, December 17, 2005

The Evolving Web

I'll be doing a short presentation to the Alt staff in January about 'creating web pages'. The days of talking about html and uploading web pages appears to be past. What I am fast discovering is that the web is providing opportunities for the average non-Dreamweaver user to create and publish seamlessly.

A few ones I'm currently researching: Goowy, Protopage, IG (Google), NetVibes, My Yahoo , Each one has its pros and cons and all of them tend to make one think - when will they start charging for this service? How (not when) will they start putting in ads to make it pay?

The nice thing about Protopage is the ability to make pages publically available - AltSch22.

Other things to check out: Jotspot , Writely, Rallypoint, FreeMind, DemoStudio, ThinkFree Office Online

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