Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The City Sleeps

You'd be surprised how much quieter New York streets are at 3:45 am which is when we left the hotel for the airport. Traffic was down to 10-12 cars/minute passing by, only a few people walking down the street, in fact the check-in wasn't even open when we got to the airport!

Never imagined myself sleeping on the floor of an airport at 5:30 in the morning (that's for young guys travelling in Europe, right?) but have you ever actually tried sleeping on those airport seats? With the armrests, of course, they're designed to be sat in and with my backpack as a head rest the floor wasn't actually too bad. However, I've never actually been up for more than about 15 hours at a time in my life and by the time I landed in bed at 10:00 last night I'd been up for about 37 hours. Dozed on the floor, dozed on the plane, dozed on the next plane despite the incredible vibrations, dozed after I got home. But didn't sleep till 10.

Besides me, who else has performed at Carnegie? From opening night in 1891 when Tchaikovsky conducted, the Beatles in the 60s, and Bjork last fall to Monday night when the combined chorus sang with Imant Raminsh, every performer has shaped Carnegie to be what it is today.

The requisite dill pickles at an 'authentic' NY deli: Yummy!

The Lady from our cruise boat.

The lady made from Lego in the Toys R Us at Times Square:


Anonymous said...

should it scare me that there are 2 different colours of pickle?

wow, 37 hours... i don't know if i could do it!

lynnfield said...

The lighter ones were very garlicky and the darker ones were very cucumbery.

Anonymous said...

oooh. in that case, yum!

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