Sunday, June 25, 2006

Kids Who Know Too Much

Remember the good old days when you tried to teach your kids what was good for them and what to avoid? Don't eat too much junk food, drink your milk, wear sunscreen. Somehow, that's all changed. Now they seem to know what's best for us. Vegetables without pesticides, pans without teflon and coke without aspartame - the tables have turned. Maybe, just maybe, we taught them too much. . .and too well!


Anonymous said...

Thats great that some kids know that but i feel like lots of kids even if they have that information arent necesarily eating well due to the heavy childhood obesity rates that we have today. I think eating right is great and drinking sodas with aspartame is fine. Of course moderation in sodas and any other junk food must be practiced but sure wont hurt anyone and your kids can still be happy.

Anonymous said...

are you finally realizing that aspartame is bad for you!?

lynnfield said...

[[are you finally realizing that aspartame is bad for you!?]]

No but my kids tell me that.

One study (randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, parallel-group): "These results further document the safety of the long-term consumption of aspartame at doses equivalent to the amount of aspartame in approximately 10 L of beverage per day."

I can honestly say that at one can/week (at most!) I have personally experienced no side effects unless you count that extra toe.

There are a few studies where patients with pre-existing conditions have not fared well. Those people should avoid aspartame.

Now water - that's a different story.

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