Saturday, July 29, 2006

Tooting my Flute

Here's a small sampling from my "flute player" collection. I have about 30 all together. The one on the left is my most recent one purchased in Quebec City and the little insect (?) on the right was one of my first about 20 years ago. I have bears, angels, soldiers, Donald Duck, Porky Pig, cats and metal sculptures. They are kind of difficult to find and I really only like the ones where the flute is played on the correct side. Occasionally I'll see one that has the flute on the opposite side to those above.


Anonymous said...

Why are you tooting your flute twice?? Of course I know you've tooted your floot many times...and again...all those years of practicing...keep up the floot tooting!!! D

lynnfield said...

Ah yes - 2 identical posts. I've now deleted one of them. I was having a bit of difficulty with blogger and kept getting this html error which was related to the addition of the picture. One of the rejected posts must have snuck in. Computers can be soooo confusing!

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