Sunday, June 24, 2007

Rockin' Out

I think the salesman in the 30th Ave. Pawn Shop was a bit surprised when I informed him the guitar I was looking for was not the nylon string classical along the wall but one of those electric ones. I've been thinking about getting an electric guitar for awhile. From the way things are going at work it appears I might have a few more online guitar students in the future. Many of these students want the electric version of the course (same as the non-electric version but with electricity) so I figured it was time to get on the band wagon.

This one is sort of a hybrid - it was an old body with a new neck attached and set by a local luthier. Knowing nothing about electric guitars (and only the 2nd time I'd been in a pawn shop) I had to take Ferdinand (the salesman and, I assume, owner) at his word. It was late Sat. afternoon and it was obvious from his breath that he'd already started his weekend. He tried to sell me a $90 beginner guitar with a short neck, then went all the way up to the $700 beauties.

Somewhere in the middle ($250 INCLUDING tax, cord, and a crazy little gadget than works as an amplifier using a 9v battery) I walked away with my guitar. Drove over to WalMart and bought a $50 Silvertone Smart IIIs amp that turned out was only $30 when I went to the till. Bargains galore.

I like the warm sound, the funky, retro look (red strings!), and the ease of playing power chords on an electric as opposed to nylon string classical. Watch for me at the next rock concert!

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