Sunday, November 16, 2008

Preparing for those Nasty Bugs

Although it's not required for Argentina, Ross and I both headed in for some advice on travel medicine as well as a few immunizations and pills.  Hopefully, we're going to be heading off on various travels in the next few years so we're also getting prepared for that.

We started with the HepA/B Twinrix, moved on to the Yellow Fever innoculation, then I ended with a tetanus (Ross had his courtesy of his little incident in Yellowstone a few years back).

Orally, we're taking Typhoid pills (4 over 8 days) and then will take the Cholera/Diarrhea liquid (2 doses) which I think is for salmonella or e-coli or something.  To take with us we have Malaria pills (for our side trip to Iguazu Falls) and some Ciprofloxicin which is for severe diarrhea.  The other big advice was to wash all our fruits and vegetables in bleach.

We'll be leaving for Buenos Aires in a month and have rented an apartment for 18 days.  This map shows his apartment in relation to ours.

We're excited about going but sad that Mike won't be with us at Christmas for the first time.  The plane trip from Bantry Bay just proved more than Mike could handle!  Most likely my next blog will be from downtown Buenos Aires - right after our first tango lesson.

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