Thursday, December 29, 2011

J'burg Lion Park

The Lion Park allows for driving through various areas to see the animals roaming freely, as well as a place to pet the lion cubs.

Giraffes have VERY long, agile tongues, don't they.
I love the zebras - very photogenic:
One of the white lions, apparently a teenager.
Ross easily wrestled a lion cub into submission:
Does he look hungry? He was about to pounce so Sammy stepped on the gas. It turns out he was just looking for another tree to lie down under. Scott says that lions sleep 20 hours/day.What a fabulous day and I think this is just a taste of what we're going to see in Kruger Park.

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Carla, Rod and the boys said...

Wow Lynn...great photos today-What an incredible trip...I will share the photo with the giraffe picking its nose with the kids on Monday....enjoy your last week!

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