Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Premier classe

Hopped on the train from Cape Town to Johannesburg - a 26 hour train ride through the Karoo desert which wasn't all that scenic as you can imagine. The food was well prepared and since it's the only train in South Africa with a spa, Sam and I managed to fit in a massage. It was all pretty classy except for one minor problem - they lost electricity about 6 hours into the trip which meant no ice for the drinks and no air con. The lights started to flicker on and off while we were inside the longest tunnel in South Africa. Fortunately the electricity was repaired just before we headed off to bed. I can't say sleeping on a train is my favourite thing but definitely better than the plane.
The train ride out of Cape Town also highlighted the great contrasts that are South Africa - shacks on one side of the train, golf course on the other.
The train station in J'burg was a complete zoo - plus there was some kind of blockade going on in the nearby streets but we managed to make our way to Sam's mom and dad's place and enjoyed a nice cold one by the pool.
Scott took this picture just before we boarded - you'll see Sam and him in the reflection.

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