Thursday, September 06, 2012

Angel of the Berwicks

If ever there was a quintessential Bed and Breakfast this is it. Huge (20 rooms in this house, 4 for guests), built in 1898, high ceilings, intricate moldings,etc. We're on our way to Boston to see the Sox at Fenway and stopped off not too far from Portland Maine in North Berwick. Found this place on the Internet this morning, amazingly we're the only guests tonight. It's unbelievably beautiful. Reminds me a lot of Sue's or Rosemary's houses.
We actually have 2 adjoining rooms - the bedroom and the sitting room where Mike will sleep on the pull out couch. It's even bigger than the bedroom.
Taking this photo required me to perch the camera on my sunglasses on the edge of the box of the pickup then make a mad dash for the steps.
The hostess, Sally is enthusiastic and welcoming and she'll have breakfast ready for us at 8:30. I can hardly wait.

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