Wednesday, December 18, 2013

First Day in Namibia

[Note- we've now been in Namibia for a few days but due to being isolated I was unable to post this]
If it’s not called the “Land of Emptiness” it really should be.  We travelled yesterday for 6 hours through mostly dry, scrubland on our way from the capital city of Windhoek to our lodge near Sossuvlei.  It was gravel/dirt road and to say there wasn’t much scenery to look at is an understatement. 
These buck must manage to find enough to eat to survive but it never looked all that appealing!

There was one town in 300+ km, aptly named Solitaire, with a garage and a rest lodge.  Things appear to be overrun up by the sand and desert here.

Even though we’re not technically on safari we did see the following animals all along the way today: warthogs, oryx, goats, baboons, springbok and an african cat (maybe it was a caracal) which made it worthwhile. The oryx have beautiful markings and didn't show any notice of us.

Tomorrow we head to the world's largest sand dunes at Sossusvlei.

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