Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Day 2 - Keep Going

 The vast Roman empire included most of this area and lots of the evidence still remains.  Such as the Pont du Gard – the largest remaining section of a Roman aqueduct.  Having water in their homes was a huge status symbol. The structure is quite impressive as it towers over the river below.  We stopped here today for lunch as it was about ½ way through today’s trip.

The weather is quite glorious - lots of sunshine and cooling breezes.

It was a long 60 km day with plenty of uphills so we were all glad to get back to our typical 3 course dinner.  Tonight it consisted of pesto spaghetti for the entrée, roast pork with vegetables for the main, and crème brule for dessert. Marj and I washed it down with a bottle of wine we bought at a little winery along the way.  The winery sells a lot of inexpensive wine to the locals such as this man who brought his jugs then filled them with wine from a hose (like a gas pump).

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