Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Day 3 - the last of the big uphills

Wow and I thought yesterday was rigorous – today was longer and steeper than yesterday but very enjoyable. Again, the weather was glorious and the reward of a fabulous 3 course meal at the end (ending with mousse au chocolate!) was enough to keep me going.

Our 65 km trip today took us to St. Remy de Provence, the home of Nostradamus and the place where Van Gogh painted Starry Night (and many others) when he was hospitalized for mental problems.  Following that we had a 4 km ascent to the village of Les Baux , perched at the top of the hill.  We entered a light display of artwork by several Austrian artists, none of which I had heard of before.  It’s hard to describe in words but imagine huge 50 foot walls of a vast granite quarry on which are displayed, in animated fashion and with music, artwork on the walls and floors and always changing. Quite stunning.  

Our next trip was 200 m to the medieval castle which turned into about 1 km because of an unexpected detour. And all uphill!  Needless to say, Marj and I weren’t that keen on walking to the top of the turrets but we saw quite a bit of it. 

During the day we passed through many kilometres of olive tree orchards as well as grain fields (wheat or barley?) and poppy fields. 
We ended the day at Arles. From here it’s mostly flat as we make our way towards the Camargue.

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