Thursday, June 05, 2014

The schedule

By now we’re completely familiar with the routine of the boat.  At 8:00 breakfast is served which consists of cereals, yoghurt, some cheeses, meats, fruits, bread. Coffee is available from about 7:00.  Yesterday we had croissants for a treat.  By 8:30 we start taking the bikes off the boat and getting ready to ride.  After a couple of hours of biking there is often a ‘coffee’ stop when Marj and I try to find a patisserie (bakery).  Along the route there may be several stops to explain a historical site or to take pictures of something.  Lunch is usually in a little village.  After breakfast, there are baguettes, meat, cheese, lettuce, etc., for us to pack our own lunch. If we prefer we can visit one of the local restaurants.  The afternoon will often include a longer stop for beer or coffee as well.  We usually meet up with the boat by around 5:00.  The bell for supper rings at 7:00 at which time Paulo (the cook) and his assistant Stephanie introduce the dinner menu. If we want wine with dinner we mark it down in a little log to pay when we leave.  So far we’ve had no more than one bottle per day.  Dinner generally gets over around 9:00. Tammy, our enthusiastic guide, then gives us a briefing for the next day’s ride, letting us know what to expect or what to look out for. It’s a full schedule and so far there has been little ‘free time’ as both Marj and I have been pretty spent from the riding (and the wine) by the time dinner is over.

Our captain and bar man Alan (originally from England):
Marj gets a photo of Chef Paolo and Stephanie:

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