Monday, November 30, 2015

Balls and Bowls

Sunday was a fabulously brilliant day in Sydney and Sam's friend Nadine had organized a group of friends to meet for a game of Lawn Bowls at Clovelly Bowling Club. First we had lunch at Coogee Beach although we didn't actually get in the water. It looked pretty nice though. The beach itself is a few miles south of the City on the Tasman Sea.

One of the things to do if you're part of the 'in' crowd is to have a game of bowls. It's sort of like getting all your friends together and going to the bowling alley for an evening. The bowls club is fairly official, we had to sign in as guests and there are regular members; there were other groups like ours that seemed to be having a bit of a lark throwing the balls (or bowls) back and forth. Of course, as you might expect, there are many similarities to bocce and curling except for the fact that the balls (or bowls) are weighted on one side so they roll way to the right or left (so a lot like curling!).

The club was perched high above the ocean with a spectacular view, not too far from Coogee beach and the wind was howling. Fun hats (when they didn't fly away) added to the festivities.

Scotty had to give a bit of instruction to Sammy. But she caught on quickly.

 Ross figured his curling expertise would come in handy.  Not so much.
Strangely enough Nadine's friends included folks from Wales, New Zealand, South Africa, another guy from Canada (Edmonton) and one or two actual Sydney-ites.

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