Friday, November 13, 2015

Cremation by the Hundreds

I'm not sure if all the following facts are correct but this is what I got out of today's tour - you can Google it if you want more info.

In Bali, when someone dies, if you have the money and it's the right day (?) you might get cremated and have a big ceremony.  If it's not the right day or you can't afford it you will get buried and then several years later your bones will be dug up and you will be part of a community cremation ceremony. It just so happens that today was a HUGE community cremation ceremony at the Ulan Danu temple on the shores of Lake Bratan.  The temple area is like a large park, with various temple areas.

When we arrived there were hundreds of people waiting around for their turn to go into the temple. As one community group finished another group would be called in. Each group numbered several hundred and they might be honouring 100 or so cremations.

There were bands playing and processions - it was all very colourful and interesting. By the way, the actual cremations didn't take place here, only the offerings and prayers.

Then on the way back through the villages we saw what we believe may be an actual cremation.  Not sure though!

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lynnfield said...

Our guide confirmed that what we saw was an actual cremation (last pic)

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