Monday, November 16, 2015


One thing that always amazes me when I travel is that, despite our globalization, I can still go places in the world where they have fruit that I've never seen before.  Here in Bali, besides the snake skin fruit that I mentioned earlier there are a lot of jackfruit growing in trees and they're about the size of a watermelon. They look pretty cool.

The mangosteen is quite popular - thick brown skin with a white, sweet juicy interior.

The tamarind tree produces pods with fruit inside but it is (apparently) very sour.

Here's a market stall with durian on the top left and in the middle bottom is the pink dragonfruit. Also here are mangosteen, snake skin fruit, lychee, mangos, bananas, passion fruit (bottom 2nd from right).

It's not that I'd be surprised to see these in Butcher Boys, I just never have.

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