Thursday, June 16, 2016

Are you Looking for the Best Gelato in Florence?

I'm happy to report that Marj and I managed to find the best gelato and the best crepes in all of Florence.  We had some trouble finding a place to stay in Florence but managed to  book a room at a guest house called GH Happy. It is conveniently located and the owner is a wonderful host with the most incredible recommendations for visiting the city.  He spent about 1/2 hour when we checked in yesterday going over various things we should and shouldn't do which included lunch, dinner and ice cream recommendations away from the main centre. We had lunch at the suggested creperie and they were fabulous. It was at a small 'hole in the wall' (literally) but the food was amazing.  Not to mention the glass of wine for 1 €. For that price we could excuse the plastic cup it was served in.

This was the ham, brie and porcini mushroom crepe. 4 €.

And this is the place for the next time you're in Florence.
Florence is full of amazing sculptures, most of them from the Renaissance,  but this bronze turtle was kind of surprising. It has something to do with an exhibit taking place at one of the many art galleries in the city.

We made our way to the Central Food Market which was much as you would expect. Meat, fruit, vegetables and pastries of all kinds.  I'm always fascinated by the different kinds of mushroom available in Europe.
There was also a flower market down the street with an amazing fragrance as we walked through.

The best gelato to date (and we've tried a few!) was at Geletaria La Carraia near the bridge of the same name in case you're looking and it definitely topped that at Perche No (sorry Clyde and Diane). I had the chocolate/orange and mango and Marg had the chocolate and black cherry.  It was creamy with intense flavours and for 2 € it was a generous portion. Here's a list of flavours, although they were out of watermelon and it's the first place I've seen it.

We just don't get these kind of shop window displays in Canada.  Here are some 'jellies' and a woman painting a wedding cake.

 We logged a lot of steps today and my feet could use a good rub down but it was worth it.

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