Saturday, September 30, 2017

5 Continents and Doubling Down on Barcelona

(Brag alert!) As our time in Europe draws to a close I'm reflecting on the year of travel I've had - 5 continents! This is a record even for me. In January I went to South Africa with an overnight stop in Dubai (Asia). In April I was in New Zealand (Oceania?);  Europe and North America round out my year of 5 continents. And I still have 3 months left!

Like most people I don't really enjoy the travel part of travelling but what I do enjoy are the new experiences, always learning (history, culture, geography), increased awareness and appreciation for everything I have, and the memories I get to keep forever.

We returned to Barcelona for a couple of nights before flying out and I double down on what I said about it - you can't make a city this fabulous and not expect to be sharing it with tourists.

I previously posted pics of the amazing Sagrada Familia and this time Sam and I booked tickets ahead to see the interior.

This pic is a small portion of one of the facades and you really have to zoom in to get some idea of the incredible detail which covers the entire structure.

Once we got inside it was an amazing feast for the eyes. The cathedral rose high above us. To give a sense of scale in the pic below there's an 'umbrella' with a life-sized Jesus hanging below it.

The back of some the pipe organ's pipes.

Sam and I took an elevator up one of the towers. The 'fruit' at the top of these towers look minuscule from the ground but are actually soccer ball size. You can also see evidence of the construction that will continue for about 10 more years.

Then we descended 300 spiral stairs.

Good grief - how do the people on this continent eat so many pastries?

Have you ever been in a place where you wish you could capture the smell as well as the sight?

The secret alley with the surprising coffee shop.

Lemon in the street with bicycle (art photo!)

We've had some great adventures here but it's been especially wonderful to be able to share it with these 3 fabulous guys. Scott and Mike are two of the nicest, most caring, funny, and kind people I know. They also have a pretty good dad!!


Anne said...

Lynn, as always I enjoyed reading about your adventures. Thanks for your interesting, educational, and humorous blog. It is always nice to be invited along without packing a bag or suffering the air travel.

Sylvie said...

I second this and of course that comment about the great guys brought tears to my eyes...great adventures and great writing -

dorothy said...

Lynn, I certainly agree about the benefits of travelling. I have become so much aware of my privilege to live in a country with so many advantages. The world has some amazing places to experience and I'm grateful that I have a wonderful partner to visit them with. Aren't we lucky!????

Colleen Larson said...

Did your son, don't know which one it is, pose for the picture or does he always stand like his dad? I have noticed this is some of your other pics as well. Fun to see family resemblances. Love your posts of your travels as well! Great Blog!

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