Thursday, September 07, 2017


In 2012 Ross and I were fortunate to spend about 6 weeks in this region of France known as "The Lot".  Here we are back again and it is just as lovely. The village we were in previously, Prayssac, was quite small - about 1500 residents, but the village we are in now is much smaller - it's listed as having about 400 people. We've seen 3! There's the guy that runs the bar/restaurant (below) - about 100m from our house - we sampled some of their wares while waiting for the property manager to arrive with the key to our house (that's another story).

Then there's the woman who sells us baguettes and pain au chocolat at the boulangerie/patisserie. About 200 m down the road.

A nice selection of baked goods.

Then around the corner from the bakery, down the little stairs

and across the creek with the river rats in it, is the little grocery store where we buy our cheeses and other things.

The church, of course, in the middle of town. The bells ring on the hour, then mysteriously again 2 minutes later.

In front of the church is where you'll find the monument to the 15 children in WW2 that were executed by the Nazis. (The sad story is told here)

Our accommodation is a place called The Old Distillery because in fact at one time it housed a cassis distillery.  Cassis is a liqueur made from blackcurrants and some large casks still remain in the Chai (an above ground wine storeroom) beside the house. Empty, sadly.

The pool looks lovely, although the weather has become a bit cooler so we haven't had the opportunity to use it.

The house is quite large and roomy.

According to Scott there are a lot of little paths and trails (some are part of the Camino) to venture down. We're here for about another week so we'll undoubtedly check some of those out. Maybe we'll even find a few more people who live here!


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