Sunday, June 02, 2019

Unique + Diverse

There are surprises around every corner on the Galapagos. One morning we climbed the hill above the red sand beach. 
 A few meters away was a brackish pond where we spotted a rarely seen (in this location) flamingo.
A Pelican dove head first into the ocean then floated along while we snorkelled close by.
Besides the giant land tortoises there are some very large sea turtles that seem to want to swim right up to me. Thanks to Rob for this photo as I was too busy getting out of its way.
There are beaches with greenish sand caused by little bits of the mineral olivine in the sand.  Hard to tell from the photo. 
And then this lone flamingo walked right up to us on the beach. It’s a juvenile so quite pale coloured. Not even the slightest concern for humans.
Every day we do a short hike, then a snorkel; then after lunch the same. It can be quite exhausting and there haven’t  been too many nights we’ve stayed up past nine! And not just us old folks. 
 Ross snorkeling with a turtle (again thanks to Rob for the photo). 

You really had to watch your step for these red marine iguanas.
Albatrosses mate for life but if something happens to one of them they’ll find another mate. We saw several mating dances going on where they click clack their beaks together. 

 Some of the beaches are absolutely pristine white fine sand - contrasting with the turquoise water, punctuated by sunbathing sea lions. 
The diversity in the Galapagos is astounding and each island has something new to explore. Not just the animals but the landscape as well. We’ve been fortunate to see so many different things - I won’t even try to list all the types of animals we saw. It’s a very special unique place. We’ve had a pretty steady pace for the past few weeks and I think we’re both ready for a rest!


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Unknown said...

Wow, Lynn! What a fantastic trip. Thanks for taking all of us along!

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