Saturday, July 27, 2019

Irish Music Part 2

Here’s a bit of info about the clips/groups in this video:

The first clip is a trio from a party I crashed. We were having dinner at a hotel near the castle we stayed in when I heard the music and went to investigate. I asked the party organizer if I could listen in and she said it was ok. Her grandson is on the right playing guitar but he also sings. The group is called Mad 4 Trad and I was really impressed with the whistle player. I would guess they’re all teenagers. 

The second clip is a duo we listened to in Clifden. 

Following that is the well known flute player (and flute maker) Marcus Hernon with his son on accordion. The man on the cajon drum was from Boston and just sitting in. This is my favourite clip!

The 4th clip is Conall Flaherty - also in Clifden and playing flute, low d whistle, and regular whistle. Great skill. 

The last group is a session (less formal) in Ennis. 

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