Friday, January 31, 2020

Trentham - Country Living

We're visiting Mike and Liana who live in Trentham which is a very small town north of Melbourne.

You might refer to it as a 'weekend' town as many of the houses are inhabited by folks who just come here from the city on the weekend. Many of the 2 dozen or so shops/cafes are only open Fri-Sun.

This is the Main Street on a Thursday about 6 pm.

About 25% of the businesses are coffee shops. The others are either funky gift shops or high end ladies shops that sell white linen dresses (you know the kind). We started our walk into town and stopped at Chaplins, one of the trendy coffee shops. This architecture is typical of the area. 

Amazingly enough on this day every week from 11-1, Liz, bassist and jazz singer, performs. She’s a local musician that entertains in the cafe and was superb. We could have sat all day and listened.

As well as the shops on the Main Street there are a few little alleys that lead to the bakery and the pizza place behind. 

But when we got to the back we found this:

One of the stores in town, Two Fat Wombats, makes all manner of creatures and (?) stuff. Ross actually bought an animal at the store. I’ll let you guess what is was but suffice it to say that he definitely needs another suitcase to take that and his stuffed animals home!  

Trentham is close enough to Melbourne that one day we took the train into the Australian Open Tennis. We didn’t buy the 'many hundreds of dollars tickets' that allow you to access the big stadium but saw Jr girls and boys, wheelchair, legends of Tennis, doubles etc. It was fun to take in the surroundings and all that goes on at a big tournament like that. 

The weather here is quite changeable from a high of 37 yesterday to pouring rain today (which makes the locals happy) to a low of 6 forecast for Monday. We ventured out on a few of the nice walking paths in the vicinity (The Wombat Trail) but I’m sorry to say we haven’t seen a wombat (yet). 

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