Saturday, January 28, 2023

It’s All Hieroglyphics

Of course there are persistent street vendors everywhere but I couldn’t resist buying a bracelet from this little cutie. 

Our guide Walid gave us a great lesson on hieroglyphics and we’re all experts now. He also explained that this Ancient Egyptian must have had wi-fi (5G) as you can see from this glyph:

It was surprising to see the hieroglyphics in real life and try to imagine the time it must have taken to carve out of the sandstone. You need to zoom in to see the intricate detailed carvings of these hieroglyphs. 

We visited 2 more temples, Kom Ombo and Edfu, the 2nd largest.  Getting to Edfu required a horse/buggy trip through the dusty, run down city. This is a very poor area of Egypt. Unfortunately they don’t look after their horses very well but Walid chose some of the better looking ones for us. 

Surprisingly the Egyptians also mummified crocodiles here shown in the Crocodile museum. I guess they were thought to be sacred (or they were scared of them). 

The temple at Edfu provided a nice background for a group photo. 

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