Friday, January 27, 2023

Pyramids, Temples and, oh-oh, Camels

We had nothing planned for the evening so we decided to take in the Light and Sound show at the Giza pyramids. It was interesting to hear the dramatized stories and enjoy the lights, but it wasn’t all that exciting based on the fact that Ross fell asleep 3 times. 

After an early morning flight (or what I consider the middle of the night) we arrived in Aswan and stopped at the Aswan Dam, built about 50 years ago and creating Nasser Lake, one of the worlds largest man-made lakes. Then a short boat ride to the Philae Temple which was moved from its original site to higher ground to prevent it from completely disappearing under the flood waters of the Nile. 

Amazing that they could disassemble, then recreate, this vast brickwork with intricate carvings and countless hieroglyphics. 

We boarded the boat that will be our home for the next 3 nights on the river - nice rooms but stupendous food  

Later in the afternoon took another boat ride to visit a Nubian village. The Nubians are the dark skinned Egyptians and have a completely different set of customs, language, culture. 

Here’s a photo with a Nubian woman, which created quite a stir when I only paid the lady on the left not the photobomber in the middle  

And of course one way to get up the hill from the river is by camel. I wasn’t totally convinced I was going to ride a camel here but let me tell you, once I got on, I was nothing less than terrified the entire way. I was sure the camel was going to dump me off or slip over the edge or any one of a number of things your imagination can think of, and all of it completely out of my control!

And from my POV:

Needless to say we both survived. 

The Nubian village was mostly markets but we spent some time in an actual home and in one of the many spice stores. 

Having been terrified enough for one day I chose to skip the part where they wanted us to hold a baby crocodile but Norma was braver than I. She doesn’t look terrified does she?

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