Wednesday, January 25, 2023

…..Three Years Later

Hard to believe it’s been exactly 3 years since our last (non New Brunswick) trip where we visited Tasmania and the area near Melbourne. It’s a dim memory but we’re on the road again! Not literally - by the time we arrive home in a month we’ll have been on 12 different airplanes and a couple of boats, if all goes according to plan. 

We’ve talked about visiting both Egypt and the Serengeti, so when Ross found out some friends were planning this trip he happily invited us along and the preparation began. So equipped with our gear and air tags (to track our luggage) we arrived in Cairo late Wednesday. Due to our delayed flight from Kelowna and the short layover in Vancouver we could see that one bag didn’t quite make it to Calgary but they all managed to make it to Egypt. 

This golden lady welcomed us at the airport  

Fortunately we were met at the airport by Iman who facilitated our passage through customs as well as help purchasing SIM cards (43GB for $10US). The ride to the hotel was somewhat hectic - we noticed most of the cars on the road had lots of well earned scrapes and  dents. 

Iman wrangled our luggage through the process. You wouldn’t even know that we hadn’t slept for 36?? Hours (actually lost track of hours/days)  

The Hilton Ramses from the 12th floor has a great view of the Nile at night and in the day. 

A pint of beer at the hotel was about 120 Egyptian Pounds, about $5 CAD, Ross figures we can find it for about $1 elsewhere - that’ll make him happy! Been here for almost 14 hours and still haven’t seen a pyramid. Maybe today. 

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dorothy said...

I hadn’t counted planes before but now that you mentioned it I think we will have been on at least that many b
Y the time we get home next month. Enjoy and take lots of pictures.

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