Monday, February 06, 2023

Baobab Trees and a Surprise Circus

There’s an elephant between the baobab trees. 

This area has 2 main types of trees - the acacia and the baobab. Baobab trees have a very distinctive shape and can be up to 3000 years old and reach up to 50 m in circumference. They store water in their spongy trunks so they can survive in this dry climate. Acacia tree has great big thorns, one of which went right through the sole of Ross's sandal and into his foot. 

The safari vehicles we ride in every day are enclosed but have a pop up roof so you can stand and look out. They’re pretty rugged, but comfortable and they need to be rugged for these roads. Our driver/guide Joseph is here waiting for us.

The tent in the safari camp has a concrete floor, canvas sides and thatched roof. See that little monkey - he and a group of friends had just created havoc when our neighbours (no names mentioned) left some snacks out for mere seconds. Needless to say the rule in this camp is 'no food in this area'.

And inside - plenty of room.

The lodge has a beautiful terrace area looking out over the park. We’d often see buffalo, impala, elephants, and more from this vantage point. We were doing just that when a hornbill (who we called Zazu from the Lion King) decided we should share our snacks. Ross did his best to fend him off.

Our second park is Lake Manyara, which is very forested. To get there we went through an area populated by the Mbulu people. They live very much like the Masai, but are not nomadic. All along the way we were greeted by small children waving and calling out greetings.

Today seemed to be baboon day as we encountered large families of them, some of them with very small babies.

In the middle of nowhere we encountered a 3 person circus/acrobat routine. I'm not sure we met another vehicle for miles so they must just wait patiently (or practice) until one comes along.

Africa is full of surprises!!!


L Spiller said...

Love the baboon invasion! Your camp set up looks great! Love seeing your experiences!

Susan Harnett said...

I camped in Manyara in the 60's it was one of my most favourite spots, We did have elephants walking around our tent!! No formal camp sites there then!!

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