Tuesday, February 07, 2023

Getting Cultured

I’ve long been interested in music and cultures of Africa so I was glad when I heard there was entertainment at the lodge we were staying at. 

A group of musicians started and were soon joined by the dancers - traditional performance from the Makonde people.

Following that we had a nice acrobatic show. 

We were able to visit a boma, which is the traditional home of the Masai people. They build round huts out of mud, dung, and straw and often keep the animals inside. 

They performed a few songs and dances for us. 

One of the songs included a jumping contest. This guy did pretty good. 

Then they wanted us to join in - jumping isn’t my forte unfortunately.

I learned that the Masai don’t really use any musical instruments such as drums or rattles like many other African tribes do  likely because they spend most of their time walking and travelling with their herds and the singing voice is the easiest thing to carry.


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