Friday, February 10, 2023

More Cats and Random animals

We started the day on the hunt for cheetahs but instead we came across a pride of lions finishing up the buffalo from their hunt the night before. The pic doesn’t really show it but there were about 18 lions gnawing on the ribs to start but they gradually moved away.

This is a topi - an animal I’ve never seen before.

The bad news is that my camera broke (maybe sand in the lens mechanism) but the good news is we’re getting so close to the animals no zoom is necessary. These are all iPhone pics.

This leopard is looking out for something. 

Three brothers in a coalition group (they are still young and work together).

This may not look like much but there are about 100 hippos in this pond.

See the lions on the hill behind me. 

There were actually 3 lions on the hill.

Some warthog parents with a few babies.

Then finally we spotted 2 cheetahs hidden in the grass and they were beauties. This one even sat up and posed for us.

We watched awhile while the zebras got closer and closer but we never saw the hunt. Whew.

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