Wednesday, February 08, 2023

The great Migration

Every year several million wildebeest travel almost 500 kilometres in a circular route around the Serengeti. They are joined on their journey by several thousand zebras, gazelles, and eland. This migration is one of the iconic features of the Serengeti and is one of the main things that drew us to this safari. We’ve seen the National Geographic videos and had kept this on our bucket list. 

We started early in the morning and came across hundreds and hundreds of wildebeest crossing a small river. This isn't the river with crocodiles in it so they’re not risking their lives here. 

This went on for about 10mins before we moved on.

Wildebeest may have originated the phrase 'the grass is always greener' as they follow the rains in order to feast on the new growth. Right now in the migration they are calving and they may stay here for a month. If the rains are late they can delay having their babies for 2 or 3 weeks. That’s a neat trick. We saw lots of babies today. The camp we're staying in is pretty basic, large tents with showers/toilets but this camp is temporary and will move with the migration in a month or so.


See the pink colour in the lake below - flamingos - many, many - the photo shows 1/1000 of the total we could see.  

Today was lion day as well - we got up close and personal with about 16. This big guy was a beauty and in a group with six others

Then another male by himself and yes we were that close.

Meanwhile the females were out on a chase and although we didn’t see the kill they did get a zebra. These two might have been responsible. They look a little guilty. Or hungry.

Such amazing sights!

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