Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Ionian islands

There are 7 main islands in the Ionian group and we’ve visited 4. Some are very small and the populations range from about 2-40 thousand. We started in Lefkas, went to Ithaca, then Kefalonia and Meganisi.

We’re biking on main roads connecting one side of the island to the other. The roads are windy with many switchbacks. Fortunately the views are spectacular and the roads are lined with many different wild flowers. 

There are actually people down on that beach. They look like ants. 

All ports in Greece are public so the boat can’t reserve a spot in advance. That means that as we set off for a port to stay overnight there’s no guarantee there will be a spot for us and we may have to try somewhere else. 

Our typical view while moored.

Not all the houses in Greece are white and blue. 

This is an appropriate place to find goats. Some are wild, others have bells that tinkle like chimes as we go by. 

Another stunning view. 

A study in contrasts. Lots of luxury yachts in the vicinity. 


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