Tuesday, June 06, 2023

Scones, Giants and My Foot

 We set off in the late morning for our destination -  the Giant’s Causeway, probably Northern Ireland's most famous geological landmark. But sometimes apparently it’s about the journey. 

Our route was along the Antrim coast - a beautiful stretch of road filled with views of the sea, flowers blooming along the roadside, old churches and little villages. 

First we had to stop for coffee at this lovely little shop at Glenarm Castle. When Mary ordered the scone with butter, cream, and jam it didn’t take me long to order the same. The scones melted in your mouth….and the butter and cream,,,yum.

Then we set off to find the Hidden Village of Galbolly. Apparently it’s very well hidden as we didn’t find it. According to some online sources it’s on private land and the owner has many no trespassing signs and loads of barbed wire.  But we did see this rock structure known as the grey lady (below). 

Further up the coast is this abandoned church and graveyard, accessible via a short hike. 

Continuing the coastal walk trail for about 20 minutes took us into the beach at Cushendall. 

Then it was on to Ballycastle for some delicious fish and chips at Morton's.

Another stop for a little walk along the beach at Ballintoy. 

Finally we reached the Giant's Causeway but instead of stopping there Mary and Bonnie decided we should go a bit farther and do the 'short walk' from Portbalantrae along the cliff walk. So we set off across the beach and along the cliff. At one point we had to cross a stream where the bridge used to be but is now a series of stepping stones. Well the 40 min walk turned into a 2 hour hike but we eventually made it to t.he causeway. 

By this time it was early evening so most of the tourists had left and I was able to get a few nice shots. There are generally hundreds of people here. The Causeway is a series of basalt columns that create a tiled effect due to the way they cooled after the volcano erupted. 

The stones are uneven but generally quite smooth except for the one that had a piece sticking up out of it which I managed to stumble over. My foot was injured but I didn’t sprain anything and I was still able to walk on it.  Mary was able to drive the car down to pick us up. Off we went to a pub in Bushmills where I hobbled in and we got some ice for my foot and a soothing beverage. We packed a lot into one day but it was exactly what I came to Ireland for - beautiful scenery, delicious food, great company and cold Guinness. And I’m sure my foot will survive. 

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